José Eduardo dos Santos University

José Eduardo dos Santos University

The José Eduardo dos Santos University is a private higher educational institution established in 2009. It’s located in the city of Huambo – a medium-sized with a population range of 500,000-1,000,000 inhabitants. The university is made up of three campuses (Huambo, Luena, Kuito). The university and all its campuses are duly recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Angola.

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The University’s Higher Polytechnic Institute and Medical School undergraduate courses are offered at the Huambo campus. This campus also has various departments like Electromedical, Agronomy and Forestry, Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications, Business Management, Veterinary Science, Computer Science, Law, and Architecture.

Masters courses offered include – Agronomy and Natural Resources, Taxation, Accounting and Corporate Finance, Food Technology and Animal Production, Management Sciences.

In Bie Province in the city of Kuito, the campus located there houses clinical laboratories, and Higher School of Nursing. It also houses the department of Water Resources, Accounting and Management, Psychology, and Social Communication

The Moxico province campus, which is located in Luena City is the home to courses such as – Accounting and Management, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Clinical Laboratory studies, Higher Nursing, Computer Science and Geography.

The José Eduardo dos Santos University has had a steady growth in admission rate since its inception, though mostly comprising of students in the undergraduate studies. A selective admission process is used. Also, Courses and programs which are officially recognized higher education degrees are offered in numerous areas of study.


Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Higher Polytechnic Institutes

Huambo Polytechnic, Moxico Polytechnic, and Bié Polytechnic.


Teaching, Research, and Extension (Ensino, Investigação e Extensão). The motto also substitutes as the objective of José Eduardo dos Santos University.


This institution is ranked in the 13th position in Angola. In the world, it is ranked at 11436th position.

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