Lusiada University of Angola

Lusiada University of Angola

The Lusiada University of Angola was founded in 1998 and it’s one of Angola’s first privately owned higher institutions. The university has made it its goal to promote quality education and objectivity in students, as well as extensive research. Undergraduate, postgraduate, and master’s courses are offered.

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Since its inception, this institution has proposed to actively contribute to the development of the society, by stimulating an academic environment that promotes the values ​​of culture, ethics, and the quest for excellence in students, as well as, impacting students with the ability to respond to the needs of organizations and countries.

The institution employs qualified and highly motivated national and international lecturers. Their academic experience is also a basis for their employment.

Objectives of the University

  • Research is of great importance, and this done by providing a wide educational curriculum with a focus on three advanced centers of research in the field of Environment, Economic Sciences, and Law.
  • Increase in the number of degrees awarded by the Lusiada University of Angola as it presently has more than 10% degrees awarded. This serves as an unequivocal proof of the impact the institution has on the present and future educational standards in Angola, and the motivation to keep pushing forward.
  • Preparing academically sound students for the development of Angola by integrating their services into society, especially their scientific and technical knowledge.
  • Promoting the exchange of knowledge through international partnerships with the Minerva Foundation, Higher Institute of Economics and Management in Portugal, University of São Paulo, and the Federal University of Paraíba in Brazil.


The Lusiada University of Angola has the following faculties:

Faculty of Sciences and Technologies, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Human Sciences, Faculty of Law and International Relations, Faculty of Law and International Relations.

A total of nine degrees are offered:

International Relations, Law, Economics, Higher Management Accounting, Human Resource Management, Business Management, Architecture, Psychology, and Psychology.

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