Methodist University of Angola

Independent University of Angola

During the episcopate of Bishop Gaspar João Domingos in 2007, the Methodist University of Angola was established by the government, under private law, through Decree 30/07. This confessional institution was set up in the effort of national reconstruction, which ensued from the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement.

This institution is affiliated with the International Association of Methodist Schools, Colleges and Universities (IAMSCU) alongside other universities and schools worldwide. Its operations are based on the Methodist movement’s commitments to universal access to human promotion, education, freedom of thought and expression, dialogue between faith and science. These precepts were created since the founding of Kingswood School in 1748, England, during the industrial revolution. And this commitment has defined the Methodist identity in Angola.

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Over the years these commitments have led to the formation of indigenous leaders in Angola through the empowerment that education offers. The emancipation of women, protection of children, dignifying of the elders, and the development of opportunities has increased significantly through Methodist University of Angola’s missionaries.


  • Promoting access to freedom of thought, expression, and education.
  • Answering the frequent question of the relationship between faith and science.
  • Imbibing moral values in the students.
  • Guiding students to influence the society positively.
  • Direct involvement in the community through the provision of answers in some issues.

Bachelor Degrees

Civil Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Electrical Systems, Environment and Territory Management,  Architecture and Urbanism, economy, Environmental Engineering, Management and Business administration, Biology, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Sport Science and Physical Education, Clinical Analyzes and Public Health, Cardiopneumology, Right, Tourism and Hotel Management, Portuguese Language and Communication.

Masters Degrees

Integrated Economics and Management, Spatial Planning and Regional Development, Environmental Management, Computer Science and Engineering, Accounting and Auditing.


The Methodist University of Angola is ranked at the 1692nd position in the world and among the top 15 in Angola.

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