Oscar Ribas University

Oscar Ribas University

Oscar Ribas University is a privately owned Higher Education Institution. It was established in a private legal nature with statutory, financial, disciplinary, pedagogical, cultural, and administrative autonomy.

Oscar Ribas University was established and promoted by PITABEL – Provision of Services Limited Group, to provide educational services at all levels. Angolan Writer Óscar Bento Ribas is honored with this denomination. Over 20 of his literary works are inventoried and most portraying the literature and life of an Angolan ethnic group.

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Strategic Development

  • Strategic Mission – this mission aims to train students to become highly qualified professionals in the various fields of science and technology. This is done through the execution and evaluation of academic, extension activities, research and contextualized programs of the institution.
  • Strategic vision – the aim is to continue the improvement of techniques and methods intrinsic in the management of the Oscar Ribas University. This is done in line with the financial resources, human capital, and administrative contribution to solidify the scientific mosaic and have a stance as a reference institution in Angola and the whole world. The training of students with these improved techniques and methods will create more production of knowledge, improvement of services, and the dissemination of scientific results which will tremendously influence societies.


The general objective is to train students to understand and respond to demands of the policies of diversification and the contexts of the Angolan Economy.

Strategic Objectives

  • Improvement of teachers, administrative staff, researchers, and students motivation and commitment to public relations, and the teaching of methodologies and scientific researches.
  • Promotion of quality education in all courses, and the efficiency of the staff in identifying new ways to help in diversifying the Angolan economy. In turn, these new ways are taught to the students
  • Educating students on the economic rationality of research, innovations, and development. And to influence the attitude of seeking answers to Angola’s scientific development needs.
  • Preservation of the university prestige through the regulation of conduct and selection process.
  • Improvement of the multidisciplinary groups to quickly identify solutions to problems of high-level scientific complexity. In turn, this will improve the science and technology indicator of Angola.
  • Timely management of confidential information for quick decision making on risks, weaknesses, and threats.
  • The satisfaction of students in the undergraduate and postgraduate training, in line with the development and socio-economic priorities of Angola.
  • Establishment of active collaborations with a variety of national and international universities that can influence the Oscar Ribas University’s internationalization process, and the multifaceted development of Angola.
  • Active contribution to the educational policies, for the effective implementation of the National Strategy for Staff Training, to strengthen the didactics of Chemistry, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, and Computing  Dissemination of knowledge produced by researchers, teachers, and students. This is done for the harmony of knowledge with the objectives set by the Executive.

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