Technical University of Angola

Technical University of Angola

The Technical University of Angola (Universidade Técnica de Angola), popularly known as UTANGA, is a privately-owned institution established in 2007, in Luanda, a large city with a population range of 1,000,000-5,000,000 inhabitants.

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The institute acts as a center for progress, integrating the curriculum with an extension and research method in line with the social, economic, cultural, and scientific needs of Angola. Their mission is to produce, apply, preserve, and disseminate culture and knowledge.


  • Establishing a dynamic institution that is committed to quality higher education.
  • The offering of high-quality education in Engineering, Management and Economics Sciences, Arts and Social Sciences.
  • The Integration of research in matters that affects the communities and teaching the results to students.
  • Playing a significant role in the future of the nation through education.
  • Meeting the economic, scientific, social, and cultural needs and wants of Angola
  • Provision of a standard scientific learning center that would play a major role in the improvement of the economy scientifically.
  • Bringing higher education closer to the grassroots to encourage them to become professionals who influence the community.
  • Changing the negative occurrences in the society through researches with the active participation of students
  • Upholding of standardized beliefs that have a positive effect on the institution and the students.

Technical University of Angola Faculties

Faculty of Engineering

This faculty offers the following courses:

Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering, Geology, Architecture and Urbanism, Geology and Mining Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mining engineering

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

This faculty offers the following courses:

Psychology, International Relations, English Language, English Language and Literature, Right

Faculty of Management and Economic Sciences

This faculty houses Management and Accounting and Finance.


The Technical University of Angola is ranked at the 3062nd position in the world, and among the top 15 private universities in Angola.

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