University of Belas

University of Belas

The University of Belas is a privately owned higher educational institution, formed under the decree No. 25/07, of 7 May. It’s situated in the municipality of Belas, just 20 km from the center of Luanda. It’s located in a pleasant area among villas, farms, beaches. Belas, in general, has a relaxing setting. This university recognizes itself as an academic institution responsible for the social, scientific, cultural, and economic development in Angola. Moreover, this university is strategically putting itself in the center of development in the country.

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Acquisition of knowledge beyond training is held in high regard in the University of Belas, and experience is believed to be the way to easily solve a problem when it’s encountered, since all sectors in an economy have problems that need to be solved. This experience is coupled with the building of initiatives due to the new situations in society and the complexity in solving them.


  • To train students in professional fields
  • Development of practical experiences before pushing students into the world
  • Monitoring of advances in technology so it can be meet the desires and needs of the labor market.
  • Provision of services to the society based on location
  • Introduction of specific knowledge to students, like socio-cultural values
  • Leading students beyond just being graduates but understanding their objectives as an insertion in developing the society, and humanity too.
  • Forming of a strategic partnership with the state as a means of building quality staff who can easily contribute to Angola’s development


University of Belas offers the following courses:

Computer Science, Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, International relations, Psychology, Human Resource Management, Accounting and management, Administration and Marketing, Right, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dentists, Clinical Analysis and Public Health, Nutrition, and Dietetics.


The University of Belas is ranked at the 11th in the country and 9687th in the world.

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